Past de Souza Nurse Clinical Fellowships

Clinical Role at the Time of the Designation
Type of Institution, City
Project Title (de Souza Nurse Designation)
Location of Clinical Fellowship

GI Nurse Navigator
Regional Cancer Centre, Kitchener
Administration of chemotherapy in ambulatory care clinic
To increase knowledge and understanding as to what a patient experiences during the chemo treatment; knowledge to be used to help further decrease patient anxiety and distress during patient navigation
Chemotherapy Clinic

Radiation Oncology Nurse
Regional Cancer Centre, Barrie
Radiation therapy skin care and nurse led clinics using a survivorship model
To expand knowledge in management of radiation related side effects specifically skin toxicities and to increase knowledge of nurse navigator role and RN role in nurse led clinics.
Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic

Staff Nurse
Acute Care Hospital, London
The role of nurses in patient navigation
To create a tool to facilitate transition of cancer patients from the community to the hospital
Patient Navigation Program

Practice Lead
Regional Cancer Centre, Kitchener
Pain and symptom management in palliative care
Understand the new treatment for patients with unmanageable pain, explore palliative care model and the role of interdisciplinary providers

Palliative Care Clinic

Staff Nurse, Inpatient

Acute Care Sudbury
Radiation therapy for cervical cancer
To expand knowledge in cervical cancer prevention, screening, and treatment; to explore psychosocial concerns and to demonstrate principles of patient education in providing teaching to patients receiving radiation/brachytherapy
Radiation Clinic