Jill Taylor-Brown

MSW, RSW, Facilitator

Jill Taylor-Brown, has been involved in the IPODE program since its inception. She is an oncology social worker and has been working with people with cancer and their families for over 37 years. She has recently retired from her position as the Director of Patient and Family Support Services at CancerCare Manitoba. In addition to her administration, research and teaching responsibilities, Jill provided individual, couple, and family counseling, and facilitated support groups, including groups for younger women with breast cancer, and groups for women living with advanced breast cancer, among others. Jill states she has heard a thousand stories of sadness and sorrow and a thousand more of resilience and love. Jill has also been honoured with the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology Award of Excellence for Outstanding Contributions to Psychosocial Oncology in Canada.