Lianne Trachtenberg

PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Lianne Trachtenberg is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the de Souza Institute. She received her PhD in Clinical and Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto. Her doctoral dissertation, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, explored the impact of gender- and illness-related identity on psychosocial well-being among young breast cancer survivors. Dr. Trachtenberg’s clinical expertise focuses on providing individual and group psychotherapy and supportive counselling services to patients with serious and chronic illnesses, including cancer. Specifically, she completed her clinical health psychology residency within the Departments of Supportive Care and Surgical Oncology at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Dr. Trachtenberg’s research interests include the examination of psychosocial issues including gender identity, body image, and sexual health on cancer patients’ health behaviour and illness management, as well as their impact on overall quality of life. During her post-doctoral fellowship, she plans to apply her advanced research skills to develop and evaluate innovative group psychotherapy interventions to support patients across Canada.