de Souza Institute Celebrates its Nurses During National Nursing Week

May 11, 2015 |

Toronto, May 11, 2015 – de Souza Institute lends its voice to the millions around Canada who are celebrating National Nursing Week and proudly announces the latest group of nurses to obtain the de Souza Designation.  As a leader in cancer care excellence, de Souza Institute provides ongoing educational support and career counselling to more than 6,000 oncology nurses across Canada

“This year’s Nursing Week theme is ‘with you every step of the way’ and these de Souza designates are shining examples of nurses that stand with patients and families throughout their journey” said Dr. Mary Jane Esplen, Director of de Souza Institute. “de Souza Designates are health care professionals who despite years of experience, recognize the need for ongoing updates and training.  This designation is an emblem of oncology nursing excellence, recognized by the community at large.”

The de Souza Nurse represents a new frontier in how patients and their families fight cancer and are a true symbol of National Nursing Week, these de Souza designates will be with you every step of the way.

  • Carol Gunsch, RN, de Souza Nurse, Grand River Regional Cancer Centre
  • Nicole Foy, RN, de Souza Nurse, Northeast Cancer Centre
  • Fiona Barham, RN, de Souza Nurse, London Regional Cancer Centre 
  • Wanalda Parsons, RN, de Souza Nurse Associate, R.S. McLaughlin Durham Region Cancer Centre
  • Wen Juan Huang, RN, de Souza Nurse Associate, Toronto General Hospital
  • Komal Patel, APN, de Souza APN, Brampton Civic Hospital
  • Lollita Rahaman, APN, de Souza APN, Brampton Civic Hospital
  • Maureen Watt-Smit, RN, de Souza Nurse, Grand River Regional Cancer Centre
  • Cheryl Latondress, RPN, de Souza Nurse Associate, Georgian Bay General Hospital
  • Audrey Cianfarani, RPN, de Souza Nurse Associate, Etobicoke General Hospital
  • Tammy Powell, RN, de Souza Nurse Associate, Niagara Health System
  • Valrie Hursefield, RN, de Souza APN, Etobicoke General Hospital
  • Christine Hipgrave, RN, de Souza Nurse, Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre
  • Jana Lee Breton, RN, de Souza Nurse Associate, Juravinski General Hospital and Cancer Centre
  • Lorminia Realeza, RN, de Souza Nurse, Mississauga Hospital
  • Patricia Cotman, RN, de Souza Nurse, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • Patricia Stalker, RN, de Souza Nurse, London Regional Cancer Centre


With over 520 Canadians being diagnosed with cancer daily, the demand for nurses with specialized knowledge in oncology and hospice palliative care continues to increase. de Souza Institute is addressing this challenge and prides itself on being a Canadian leader in providing effective, accessible and innovative continuing education for nurses. In order to achieve the full de Souza Nurse Designation, nurses must successfully complete a series of courses directly linked to core cancer care competencies and conduct a clinical fellowship to further their clinical skills


About de Souza Institute

Established in 2008, de Souza Institute in partnership with University Health Network, Cancer Care Ontario and funded by Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, provides ongoing educational support, professional development and career counseling to nurses and other health care professionals caring for cancer patients and families.


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