May 15, 2015 |

Raising the bar in cancer and palliative care


Toronto, ON– In recognition of National Nursing Week, de Souza Institute is pleased to announce that Audrey Cianfarani, a RPN from William Osler Health System-Etobicoke site as the tenth de Souza Designate.

In partnership with Cancer Care Ontario, University Health Network and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, de Souza Institute created the Designation program in 2009.  The Designation showcases advanced knowledge and expertise in cancer and palliative care.

 “These 10 de Souza  Designates represent nursing excellence in palliative care and cancer care” said Dr. Mary Jane Esplen, Director of de Souza Institute “With their Designation, each nurse is not only ensuring patient safety but the latest in pain management and supportive emotional care.”

There are four types of Designations available to nurses based upon their level of practice: de Souza Nurse Associate, de Souza Nurse, de Souza APN and de Souza Scholar. Each Designation requires nurses to completemore than 150 hours of de Souza Institute courses in cancer and palliative care. Some of the Designations require a fellowship and research project.

“My de Souza Designation means that I am privileged to have knowledge and understanding that is current, relevant and up-to-date. The Designation enhances effective communication for patients and families and that is of the utmost importance to me.” said Audrey Cianfarani  “ The other elements of our nursing care becomes easier to facilitate and implement as a result.”

The de Souza Designate are true leaders in the cancer care and palliative care community and epitomize the theme of Nursing Week “Nursing: A leading force of change”through their commitment to nursing excellence and improving the level of care for patients and their families.

Other de Souza Designates across the province are:

  • Carol Gunsch, de Souza Nurse, Grand River Regional Cancer Centre
  • Nicole Foy, de Souza Nurse, Health Sciences North
  • Wanalda Parsons, de Souza Nurse Associate, Lakeridge Health
  • Fiona Barham, London Health Sciences Centre
  • Wen Juan Huang, de Souza Nurse Associate, University Health Network
  • Lollitia Rahaman, de Souza APN, William Osler Health Centre
  • Komal Patel, de Souza APN, William Osler Health Centre
  • Maureen Watt-Smit, de Souza Nurse, Grand River Regional Cancer Centre
  • Cheryl Latondress, de Souza Nurse Associate, Georgian Bay General Hospital

There are more than twenty more nurses in line to obtain their Designation. To date, nearly 6,000 nurses across Ontario have taken de Souza Courses.



About de Souza Institute

Established in 2008, de Souza Institute in partnership with the University Health Network, Cancer Care Ontario and funded by Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, provides ongoing educational support, professional development and career counseling to nurses and other health care professionals caring for patients and families.