Past de Souza APN Clinical Fellowships

Clinical Role at the Time of the Designation
Type of Institution, City
Project Title (de Souza Nurse Designation)
Location of Clinical Fellowship

APN Educator
Acute Care  Hospital, G.T.A.
  • Developing education materials for Advance Care
  • Planning in geriatric population
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of bed side reporting
  • To enhance knowledge in gerontology and end-of-life care; To understand issues around death and dying, how the topic of advance directives is brought forth in LTC; challenges when the topic of advance directive and/or code status is expressed in LTC
  • To explore educational and practical programs in place for nurses and PSWs; andservices and care programs for the  aging population
  • To assess the facilitators and barriers in bed side reporting and to recommend changes in clinical practice
Geriatric In-Patient Unit, General In-Patient Unit

Manager of Oncology Program
Acute Care  Hospital, G.T.A.
  • Developing a clinical pathway for the     management of febrile neutropenia
  • Developing resources and training  materials for staff on neutropenia management
  • To gain knowledge and expertise in the management of febrile neutropenia
  • To develop an order set and associated documents for neutropenia early identification and care pathway
  • To incorporate the pathway into current patient documentation
  • To carry out staff education on the new clinical pathway
Emergency Room and Inpatient Unit

Nurse Educator
Acute Care  Hospital, G.T.A.
  • Developing an Advance Care Planning booklet for patients and families
  • Developing resources and training materials for staff on advance care planning
  • To develop supportive resources (algorithm and brochures) for patients and families to improve their understanding of CPR – harms and benefits and DNR.
  • To help support patient and family involvement in decision-making/ planning for end-of-life care; and reduce conflicts between patients and family members.
  • To develop resources and provide training to assist providers to better understand the patient experience/ situation and enhance their capacity to discuss CPR
Palliative Care Unit