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The de Souza Intern Designation is ideal for students currently enrolled in nursing programs with an interest in Oncology and/or Hospice Palliative Care.

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To receive this Designation, you must:

  • Obtain 2.0 credits from a selection of courses offered (see details in Course Offering table here), including one course from each of the four domains of practice
  • Pass the Foundations of Oncology Nursing Practice (FONP) course
  • Successfully complete a Nursing Program and have a valid licence issued by the provincial/territorial RN regulators in Canada
  • Be registered and in good standing with the College of Nurses in your province or territory
  • Complete a minimum of one clinical placement in an area of practice that provides care to cancer patients or hospice palliative care patients

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If you are enrolled in a program at an accredited educational institution, you may be eligible for special pricing.

To be eligible, submit the following proof of enrollment from an accredited institution:

  • Picture/photocopy of your dated student ID (issued this year or with expiry date shown)
  • Letter of Registration with current date

Once approved, we offer special pricing on our courses for one year.

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