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About de Souza & our Courses

de Souza Institute’s Palliative Care Series offers courses to support health care professionals caring for patients. Most courses are offered online, some including in-person or videoconferencing sessions.

de Souza Institute was created by the Ontario government in 2008, and in partnership with Cancer Care Ontario and the University Health Network provides continuing education to thousands of health care professionals across Canada. Read more about us.

Our palliative care courses:

The Education in Palliative Care (EPC) Course Series

The Education in Palliative Care (EPC) course series will introduce you to providing person-centred palliative care for patients living with serious illness such as cancer, end-stage renal disease (ESRD), congestive heart failure (CHF), or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The Palliative Approach to Care (EPCA)

This first course in our Education in Palliative Care (EPC) Course Series provides foundational knowledge for Healthcare providers who provide care for patients living with serious illnesses… Learn more

Symptom Assessment and Management in Palliative Care (EPCB)

This second course in our Education in Palliative Care (EPC) Course Series focuses on the management of four symptoms experienced by patients in palliative care: pain, delirium, nausea and vomiting, and dyspnea… Learn more

End-of-Life Care, Grief, and Loss (EPCC)

This third course in our Education in Palliative Care (EPC) Course Series teaches how to discuss sensitive topics and difficult to carry out conversations about end-of-life care… Learn more

Treatment & Delivery of Evidence Based Care Courses

Advanced Pain Assessment and Management

Examines the pathophysiology of cancer pain; cancer pain syndromes, pharmacological and non-pharmacological intervention for intractable pain in palliation. Participants will explore methods on how to conduct educational and advocacy work … Learn more

Management of Dyspnea

Promotes an evidence-based wholistic approach to dyspnea care by increasing knowledge about dyspnea, and its assessment and treatment. This course was created in collaboration between Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) and de Souza Institute … Learn more

Management of Depression and Anxiety in Cancer

Offered on demand via self-directed online learning; this interactive course includes a comprehensive review of screening, assessment and management of psychosocial distress. Depression and anxiety in adults with cancer is based on the 2015 Pan-Canadian Practice Guidelines. (www.capo.ca). This course was created in collaboration with CCO.Learn more

Therapeutic & Supportive Relationships Courses

Interprofessional Psychosocial Oncology Part I: Introduction to Theory and Practice (IPODE)

Examines common individual and family experiences across the illness trajectory from a theoretical, empirical and clinical perspective in order to understand and assess distress and coping from a family centered standpoint … Learn more

Patient Teaching & Coaching Courses

Patient Navigation

Identifies the supportive care needs of patients and their adjustment process from diagnosis to end of life care; Applies the principles of navigation to enhance patient experiences throughout the cancer care journey … Learn more

Sexual Health in Cancer Part 1 (IPODE)

Focuses on understanding sexual health issues that arise in cancer care and developing assessment and psycho-education skills … Learn more

CNA Hospice Palliative Specialty Certification Exam Prep

CNA Hospice Palliative Care Study Group Exam Prep

The de Souza Hospice Palliative Care Study Group is a preparatory program to assist RNs as they study to write the CNA National Hospice Palliative Care Specialty Certification exam … Learn more

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