Adolescent Depression workshop at University of Toronto

January 19, 2016 |

The University of Toronto Psychiatry department will be offering a workshop on Adolescent Depression: An Assessment & Treatment Workshop for Medical Professionals.

We are soon releasing a course for Depression in relation to Adults, however this workshop is unique as it focuses on distress, especially depression in youth. Many of you work with young individuals with cancer. For those working with adults you often are dealing with the whole family and this  issue is fairly common among children or siblings of those with cancer.

This team have an expertise in working with adolescents so I know it will be  a fabulous workshop.

– Mary Jane Esplen, Executive Director , de Souza Institute and Professor, U of T

Further workshop information follows below:

Often the signs of depression in the adolescent population are complex and multifaceted, and we are not always equipped to assess these signs and/or treat them appropriately.

This workshop is targeted to clinicians (family physicians, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, etc.) working with adolescents dealing with this disease in your practice or community.

We will focus on the assessment of depression in adolescents including developmental phases, specific causes, and impact on the family and environment. We will also explore treatment  approaches and strategies for  referral to specialists will also be offered.

Participants Will Learn To:
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of depression in adolescents
  • Understand the role of stigma as a barrier to help-seeking
  • Understand the multiple causes of depression
  • Appreciate treatment approaches that are differentiated
  • Improve the process of referral to specialists
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