Cheryl Page, de Souza APN Fellowship Project published by the Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal

April 25, 2019 |

Congratulations to Cheryl Page who achieved her de Souza APN designation in 2018. Her designation fellowship project “Evaluating the effectiveness of a mnemonic to guide staff when providing patient education to autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients”, is published by the Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal in April 2019.

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Oncology Nursing Day 2019 Message

April 2, 2019 |

Today is Oncology Nursing Day, a celebration of achievements beyond one profession. There are countless people to honour, an endless list of stories to be heard and a limitless number of people who have been helped by oncology nurses. 

The theme this year is “Celebrating our Diversity”, an appropriate theme for #OND2019. de Souza Institute is extremely honoured to provide a platform and resources for nurses who want to invest in themselves and give the best care possible. We are most proud of how accessible we’ve made our course offerings and of the diverse backgrounds of this year’s group of designates.

In the past 12 months we have recognized nurses who work in major cities, community hospitals, regional cancer centres and we’ve even celebrated out first de Souza Intern from Ryerson University. These nurses are not just specialized in one field, some are in ambulatory care, hospice care, community care and public health working with the homeless. This is a perfect example of the diversity that exists with oncology nurses, each one of them has their own unique story of why they became an oncology nurse and what they are driven to accomplish.

As we celebrate oncology nurses across Canada we want to highlight, recognize and congratulate the latest group of nurses to earn their de Souza designations, Lorraine Aspden, Sarah Orr-Shaw, Mark Kocsis, Cheryl Page, Sean Holloingshead, Pam MacInnis and Marlisa Budihardjo, your achievements add to the diverse and rich tapestry of oncology nurses Canada wide.

Executive Director, Dr. Mary Jane Esplen

April 2, 2019 is Oncology Nursing Day
April 2nd, 2019 marks the 16th anniversary for Oncology Nursing Day, and the theme this year is “Oncology Nursing: Celebrating our Diversity”. As oncology nurses, every day you provide unwavering support, compassion and care for your patients; while also campaigning, advocating and promoting for resources to meet the challenging needs of the cancer care system. You are at the heart of cancer care, and today especially we would like to thank you.

About Oncology Nursing Day
Oncology Nursing Day (OND) is a day to recognize the many incredible roles that oncology nurses play in our national healthcare system. Cancer is a disease that affects people of all genders, nationalities and age groups. Oncology nurses are on the front lines of cancer treatment, care and research. We thank all Canadians, from coast to coast, for their roles in helping us celebrate Annual Oncology Nursing Day. There are countless untold stories of oncology nurses profoundly impacting the lives of so many Canadian cancer patients and their families.

Innovative APAM Course Proves to be Difference Maker for Oncology Nurses

March 25, 2019 | ,

Toronto, ON – As published in the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, the research led by Dr. Yvonne Leung, a Scientist at de Souza and Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto in Canada reveals that the Advanced Pain Assessment and Management (APAM) online program significantly increased nurses’ confidence and knowledge in dealing with complex cancer pain.

Beginning in 2012 and concluding in 2017, the sample size included 306 nurses from 89 hospitals throughout Ontario. The results showed that after completing the APAM program confidence levels increased by as much as 30%.

Courses like APAM are crucial for nurses’ career development, it gives them easy access to education and a way to enhance their core competencies such as pain management. 1 Moreover, it is improving the low baseline knowledge of nurses.

“This research focuses on the impact of an online targeted education program in addressing the education needs in complex cancer pain management of nurses” said lead author Dr. Leung.

Complex cancer pain is one of the most frequent and challenging symptoms to manage in cancer care. It is a physical symptom significantly compromising the quality of life of cancer patients. Up to 55% of cancer patients experience cancer pain. However, cancer-related pain is usually undertreated and this major problem has persisted for over two decades.

The problem is complicated by the side effects of cancer therapies and pain medications. Nurses play a significant role in symptom management; however, many reported a lack of knowledge and confidence in the assessment and management of cancer pain, in particular the breakthrough pain. A team led by Dr. Mary Jane Esplen, the Executive Director and Dr. Jiahui Wong, the Scientist/Manager of de Souza Institute examined the impact of an online educational program in addressing the knowledge and confidence of pain management in nurses dealing with cancer patients.

“We now have solid evidence that an online targeted training program led by experienced educators helps nurses build their competency in dealing with critical issues in cancer care.”, said Dr. Leung. “Hospital administrators can leverage online specialized education in providing essential training for their medical staff.”

About de Souza Institute

Established in 2008, de Souza Institute, is a part of the University Health Network and partners with Cancer Care Ontario.  It provides ongoing educational support, professional development and career counseling to healthcare practitioners caring for cancer patients and families.

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