#YESThisIsNursing – Nursing Week 2018

May 7, 2018 |

Nowadays very few professions are static. There are so many external factors that are shaping the way we work that professionals are often required to dedicate time solely to keep pace with these changes. Nursing is no exception, whether you work in an urban setting, a remote area or are a community nurse that makes house visits there have been vast changes in how you deliver care.

May 7-13 marks National Nursing Week and this year’s theme is #YesThisIsNursing a clear and bold statement that acknowledges just how much nursing has changed over the years and that the profession continues to evolve.

Diagnostic testing is more prevalent and complex, the number of pharmaceuticals has increased exponentially, patients now typically present with comorbidities and of course technology continues to push the limits of what can be possible. As a result, nurses need to be more knowledgeable on how to prepare patients for these tests, safely administer medications, be expert communicators and embrace technology.

Keeping up with these advancements can at times feel like having a second part time job. So how do nurses do it? Part of it is through the extraordinary mentorship that exists on units where knowledge transfer is intuitive. But more so it is through a commitment to professional development and lifelong learning.

Since 2008, de Souza Institute has been a proud and reliable resource helping nurses respond to the changing nature of their profession. Our programs are current, easily accessible and have produced extraordinary leaders who have impacted the lives of their patients, families and co-workers.

Nurses are essential to every care delivery model and de Souza Institute applauds all nurses everyday for their ability to make a difference but during nursing week we are cheering a little louder and a little longer.

Mary Jane Esplen's Signature
Mary Jane Esplen, PhD, RN
Executive Director, de Souza Institute