Any Time Access to Chemotherapy Competency Maintenance Course within Your 24 Month Period

December 13, 2023

Starting in Spring 2024, the Chemotherapy Competency Maintenance Course (CCMC) will be available on-demand, allowing you to immediately gain access to the course materials. You will still need to sign up before the 24 month renewal period is up, meaning you must start the course by the 22nd month so you have 8 weeks to complete it. We recommend starting earlier to allow for delays in completing it and second attempts at the exams.

As an example, if you completed your previous chemotherapy course on Aug 1, 2022, you must register to start the next chemo maintenance course BEFORE June 6, 2024 and you must COMPLETE it by Aug 1, 2024.

To help with remembering when to take the course, we’ve added an additional reminder sent by email to you, at the 21 month mark. We’re also adding a maintenance renewal date on the certificates from the maintenance course as well as the Provincial Standardized Chemotherapy and Biotherapy (PSCB) course.

The new course will show up under the “CCMD” course code, but other then allowing you to start it at your time of choice, it will not be any different than the current CCMC. Additional information on maintaining chemotherapy competency is provided in the de Souza Chemotherapy Competency Maintenance Course – Frequently Asked Questions news post and the Maintaining Chemotherapy Competency article.