Elizabeth Dillon

de Souza Intern

RN, BScN - Registered Nurse - Windsor Regional Hospital

Elizabeth is a new graduate registered nurse working in both the Emergency Department at Windsor Regional Hospital as well as in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. In June 2019, after successfully finishing her BScN and passing the NCLEX she became the second person to achieve the de Souza Intern designation aimed at new graduate registered nurses. While completing her BScN at the University of Windsor she realized how wide cancer care spreads and the impact you can have on cancer patients in any area you work. Working in both emergency medicine and pediatric intensive care she gets to work with both children and adults at all stages of the cancer care spectrum from new diagnoses, treatment complications, and end of life care.

Elizabeth is planning to continue her education in oncology and chemotherapy as well as critical care nursing. She also aspires to return to school for a Master’s degree with a focus on Nursing Education in the future.

Photo courtesy of the University of Windsor