Kelly Haygarth

de Souza Nurse Associate

RN, BN, CON(C) - Cancer Patient Navigator - Bonnyville Community Cancer Clinic

Kelly is passionate about providing quality patient centred care for rural Albertans.  She has worked in Bonnyville, Alberta at the Bonnyville Community Cancer Clinic since February 2013.  Her position as Cancer Patient Navigator has empowered her to be a consistent point of contact that can provide guidance, support, education, referrals and resources to patients on their cancer journey.  She also works casual as a chemotherapy nurse in the Bonnyville Cancer Clinic, which complements her role as Cancer Patient Navigator.

Kelly completed the ONDEC course (Oncology Nursing Distance Education) in 2016 and started taking de Souza courses.  She received her Canadian Oncology Nursing Certification in 2017 and has not stopped learning.  Kelly plans to complete a fellowship to achieve full de Souza Nurse Designation.