Tatjana Behringer

de Souza Nurse

RN, BScN, OCN - Registered Nurse, Systemic Suite - Windsor Regional Cancer Centre

Tatjana has been working (as a nurse) in the field of oncology for over 20 years. She has worked at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre in chemotherapy administration and in the primary care area as a specialized oncology nurse for 8 years.

She started taking the de Souza Institute courses in 2012 in an effort to keep up with the quickly evolving field of oncology. The focus of the clinical fellowship was the assessment of the post allogeneic transplant patient for cGVHD. The interest of this topic came about as she observed more and more patients post stem cell transplantation coming to the Cancer Center for follow up. She has been very grateful in having had this experience as it has greatly increased her knowledge of the patient’s experience with post hematopoietic (stem) cell transplants.