Jennifer Wiernikowski

MN, NP-Adult, CON(C), Faculty, Complex Malignant Hematology

Jennifer Wiernikowski is a Nurse Practitioner and previously worked in Hematology at the Juravinski Cancer Hospital in Hamilton Ontario. Her clinical work has focused on caring for patients and families facing hematological malignancies, autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplant. She is the past secretary of the Canadian Blood and Marrow Transplant Group (CBMTG), past President of the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology (CANO/ACIO) and previous Chief of Nursing Practice for the Juravinski Cancer Program. Jennifer holds a clinical cross appointment in the schools of nursing at McMaster University and at the University of Toronto. She is an Associate Member of the Department of Oncology, Michael G DeGroot School of Medicine at McMaster University. In 2019, Jennifer was the recipient of the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology (CANO/ACIO) Award of Distinction.