Continued support as we adjust to the new normal

June 15, 2020

Dear colleagues,

The covid pandemic has changed the landscape of health care delivery as we continued to help with health care needs while keeping our team members and patients safe. We have been inspired by the efforts of those at the front line.

We were grateful for the opportunity to provide virtual support groups to facilitate peer sharing and building resilience among health care providers and to continue to provide virtual groups to patients through CancerChat Canada.

We also have provided three modules to facilitate communication and support for palliative care at no cost.

We are encouraged that in many jurisdictions, hospitals and community agencies are moving towards offering broader clinical services, albeit at times in a different way. We too have prepared our curriculum. We have always welcomed technology in supporting busy front line clinicians. Our online platform is here to continue to support your educational needs. All programs will be proceeding and open for registration.  To support oncology orientation in the virtual environment, our Cancer Care Basics (accredited, all professions), and Foundations in Oncology Nursing Practice courses are available for any individual health care provider, can be started at any time and they can also be offered in customized formats in response to the need of an organization. We also continue to bring online a palliative care curriculum to address all competencies in palliative and end of life care.

We look forward to continuing to support you during this new normal. If you want to discuss a tailored education program or are interested in partnering with us to adapt patient education to an online format, please contact us.


Mary Jane Esplen's Signature
Mary Jane Esplen, PhD, RN
Executive Director, de Souza Institute